NORTHERN OUTDOOR LIGHTING Maintenance and Service Program will keep your outdoor lighting beautiful for years to come.

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Our Landscape Lighting Service Programs

Like any investment in your home or landscape, landscape lighting service and maintenance are important for continuous, worry-free operation of your landscape lighting system. Your landscape lighting does a lot of heavy lifting, both in keeping your property safe and secure, and in beautifully illuminating your landscape’s key features.

Why Is Regular Landscape Lighting Service Important?

Regular wear and tear from the elements will take their toll on your landscape lighting. Light bulbs typically last just over a year, and replacing them with the wrong bulb can result in blown fuses.

Without regular service, failed lamps can go unnoticed, and dirty fixtures and old bulbs can diminish the effectiveness of your lighting.

Annual Landscape Lighting Service Agreement

With Northern Outdoors Lighting’s annual landscape lighting service agreement, a lighting professional will visit your property once a year to perform the following service tasks:

  • Replace all light bulbs
  • Readjust and clean fixtures
  • Trim and maintain surrounding turf and plant life to ensure proper light beam spread
  • Re-bury exposed wire as needed Inspect transformers
  • Reset timers and controls, if necessary

There is an hourly charge for this service, plus the cost of light bulbs.


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“Bill is an experienced landscape lighting professional who is familiar with a wide range of fixtures and techniques. I can always trust that his approach will be balanced, professional and geared to my client’s needs. 

I particularly appreciate that the end result is beautifully subtle and not over-lit. Congenial, honest, a hard-worker, he has a long history in the industry of delivering a quality product. It is great to work with someone who loves what he does!”

Julie Khuen
Owner, President Julie Khuen Landscape Design Winchester, MA